OUTLAW by Norm Foster

Director: Bodene Corbitt
Producer: Sharon Dykstra

Performance Dates: June 2 – 17, 2017

AUDITIONS by appointment
February 25th 2pm – 5pm
February 26th 7pm – 9pm
Call Backs: Wednesday, March 1st 7:30pm

Please email the producer for an audition time, and indicate your preferred night.
Producer Sharon Dykstra at (416-497-8533)
Auditions will be held at the theatre, 400 Newkirk Road Richmond Hill

In this wild, wild western comedy, the year is 1871 and a Canadian farmer travelling far from home is accused of committing a murder in the state of Kansas. With only his wits to defend himself, he turns the law of the land, and the men hell-bent on enforcing it, upside down!


Bob (the Outlaw) Canadian farmer / part time cow hand. Quiet, honest and independent. Sincere and not afraid to cry (often). Married with a young daughter. Believes in the Bible. Likes harmonicas

Will (the Wrangler) Cattle drive wrangler sent to search for Bob. No nonsense, loyal and fair. An atheist but respects others beliefs. Mother died at birth. Suffered some childhood abuse. No formal education but many life experiences. Just trying to live a simple life. Hates harmonicas.

Dupuis (the Sheriff) Sheriff of Baxter Springs but is loyal to Roland. Hangs prisoners without a fair trial. Morally corrupt and happily widowed. He is self-righteous, carrying out God’s wishes as he interprets them. Hates harmonicas.

Roland (the Cattle Baron) Wealthy man in an unhappy 17 year marriage. Considers himself an intellectual who enjoys quoting poetry and Shakespeare and debating moral issues. Searching for his brother’s murderer. Very comfortable with the way Dupuis runs the town. Prefers not to hear harmonicas.

Audition Info:
• Auditions are by appointment and will last 10 minutes and must be pre-booked.
• You are asked to present a one-to-two minute comedic monologue, fully memorized and with character work.
• To obtain a copy of the script please contact the Producer. There is a $20 deposit which is returnable upon return of the script in good condition.

Contact Info (email preferred):
Sharon Dykstra at (416-497-8533)

Miscellaneous Info:
• Audition forms will be emailed out to everyone who books an appointment. Please email the completed form back, along with a head shot if possible, 24 hours before your audition date.
• Please bring your calendar with you. You must list all dates that you are not available for rehearsal on your audition form
• If you receive a Callback, scenes will be emailed to you ahead of time.
• The first read thru will be Sunday, March 5th
• Rehearsals will be 2 or 3 weeknights and weekends (usually Sunday afternoons). Not all actors will be required for all rehearsals. That will be worked out by the director and the cast.
• Cue to Cue will be Victoria Day (Monday, May 22nd)

The Curtain Club is a non-profit, non-equity community theater group. If you are cast in this show you MUST become a member of The Curtain Club. Membership fees are $10.00 and are due no later than the first rehearsal.