Calendar Girls

A comedy by Tim Firth

Performance Dates: May 25 – June 9, 2018

AUDITIONS by appointment
To be held at the Theatre – 400 Newkirk Road, Richmond Hill
Saturday, January 27th 12 pm- 5 pm
Sunday, January 28th 7 pm – 9 pm
Call Backs (if necessary) Saturday, February 3rd 2pm – 4pm

Director: Sharon Dykstra
Producer: Andrew Pawarroo

Synopsis: This captivating comedy is a celebration of life, friendship and love. Based on a true story, Calendar Girls takes us on a journey with a group of Women’s Institute members who set out to raise money to buy a memorial settee for the local hospital and end up posing nude for a fundraising calendar.

Chris, mid 50’s – Comfortable being centre of attention and life of the party. Ideal car- cabriolet. Ideal holiday – Algarve.

Annie, mid 50’s – Calm and reliable, but not boring or overly sweet. Ideal car – who cares as long as it’s reliable. Ideal holiday – a walk in the English countryside.

Cora, 40’s – Church raised rebellious ex-rocker. Must be able to play piano. Ideal car – who cares as long as it’s got a good sound system. Ideal holiday – New York.

Jessie, 70’s – Retired school teacher, comfortable in her own skin and a good judge of people. Ideal car – strange looking European thing. Ideal holiday – walking in Switzerland or Angkor Wat.

Celia, 30’s – Fashionista, Diva, Trophy Wife but not vapid. Knows exactly who she is and doesn’t apologize for it. Ideal car – Porsche. Ideal Holiday – Maldives.

Ruth, 40’s – People pleaser and always participates in all WI events. Ideal car – whatever Eddie wants at the start of the play – at the end it’s whatever Ruth wants. Ideal holiday – wherever Eddie is at the start and wherever his isn’t at the end.

Marie, 40’s to 50’s – Leads the WI to give herself a sense of purpose and self. A little jealous of the friendships that she is not part of. Ideal car – something German. Ideal holiday – a guided tour.

John – Annie’s husband, 50’s – A human sunflower. Not a saint and not a hero. Can find the good in everyone. Strong and bright.

Rod – Chris’s husband, 50’s – A hard worker – would do anything for his wife and friends. Can always keep up with Chris.

Lawrence, 20’s (flexible older) – Hesitant and shy (a bit nerdy) but has wit. Compassionate and kind.

Lady Cravenshire, 60’s – 70’s – Lives her life like she is always a higher class than whomever she is around.

Elaine, 20’s – 30’s – Millennial type – knows what she is doing but doesn’t think of the consequences. Self-absorbed.

Liam, 20’s to 60’s (age flexible) – Commercial Television Producer. Would really rather be doing anything but this. No matter the age – he thinks he should be doing bigger things.

Brenda, 60’s (but age flexible) – Gives the most boring talks but thinks she is fascinating.

Production Notes
Please Note: Play will run approximately 120 minutes with a 20 minute intermission.

Accents – Not mandatory but will be considered if the entire cast is proficient.

Singing – The 6 main characters will be singing. If possible the person with the role of Cora will play the piano.

Nudity – to quote the author “As in the best traditions of vaudevillian fan dances, the art of the play’s nudity lies in what is withheld. The choreography of this sequence is best described as “fabulous concealment”. Should we see anything we oughtn’t, the whole scene will deflate like a soufflé on which the oven door has been opened too quickly.” That being said, nudity will be required. Rehearsals will be closed as needed for the scene.

Rehearsals: Rehearsal schedule will be set after casting; generally, 2 nights a week and Sunday afternoons. Mandatory technical rehearsals for ALL cast and crew will occur starting the beginning of May. Cue to Cue tentatively scheduled for the first weekend in May (May 5 and 6).

Audition Info:
• Please read script before signing up for an audition. To obtain a copy:
— Contact Producer. There is a $20 deposit; refundable upon return of the script in good condition.
• Auditions will consist of an interview, memorized monologue (if needed) and reading scenes. Sides will be provided in advance.

Contact for appointment: Andrew Pawarroo (Producer)

The Curtain Club is an award winning community theatre celebrating 64 years of bringing quality theatre to the town of Richmond Hill, and participates in Theatre Ontario. The Curtain Club is a non-profit, non-equity community theatre group. If you are cast in this show you MUST become a member of the club. Membership fees are $10.00 and are due no later than the first rehearsal.