Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike by Christopher Durang

Director: Harvey Levkoe
Producer: Sharon Dykstra

Performance Dates: September 15-30, 2017

AUDITIONS by appointment
Monday, June 5 and
Tuesday, June 6th – 7pm – 10 pm
Call Backs: Wednesday, Monday, June 12th 7 – 10pm

REHEARSALS: Start Sunday July 16th (Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday) (Tablework TBD)

Please email the producer for an audition, and indicate your preferred audition date, time and the character(s) for whom you wish to read. Attach a resume and recent headshot.
Producer Sharon Dykstra at (416-497-8533)
Auditions will be held at the theatre, 400 Newkirk Road Richmond Hill

Vanya and his adopted sister Sonia live in the Pennsylvania farmhouse where they grew up, but their peace is disturbed when their movie star sister Masha returns unannounced with her twenty-something boy toy Spike. Christopher Durang has taken Anton Chekov’s 19th century Russian bourgeois dramas, put them through a meat grinder along with Greek Tragedy, Voodoo and Walt Disney and created an absurdist emotional roller-coaster comedy about an uncommon family.


Vanya – 50’s Closeted gay introverted homebody, aspiring playwright (sibling)

Sonia – 50’s Unremarkable homebody spinster, dowdy, confrontational, hostile, argumentative (sibling)

Masha – 50’s Self-absorbed, fading “B” movie star, self-loving, self-doubting wit, competitive instincts (sibling).

Spike – late 20’s Shamelessly needy, aspiring actor, hot-bodied boy toy, a hunk, male bimbo, clothing-adverse exhibitionist.

Nina – early 20’s Aspiring, enthusiastic would be actress, wide-eyed, earnest, stage struck

Cassandra 30’s – 40’s House cleaning voodoo psychic, filled with wacky gloomy prophecies

Audition Info:
• TO BOOK AN AUDITION – email the producer at Indicate your preferred audition date, time and the character(s) for whom you wish to read. Attach a resume and recent headshot.
• If the Director is not familiar with your work, please prepare a 2 minute monologue. Be sure to read the play before auditioning as there will be readings from the script.
• To obtain a copy of the script please contact the Producer. There is a $20 deposit which is returnable upon return of the script in good condition.

Contact Info (email preferred):
Sharon Dykstra at (416-497-8533)

The Curtain Club is a non-profit, non-equity community theater group. If you are cast in this show you MUST become a member of The Curtain Club. Membership fees are $10.00 and are due no later than the first rehearsal.