MOLLY’S VEIL by Sharon Bajer

Director: Sharon Dykstra
Producer: Debbie Makarenko

Performance Dates: January 27 – February 11, 2017

AUDITIONS by appointment
October 12 and 14 – 7pm – 9pm
Call Backs Sunday, October 16th 2pm

Charlotte Whitton becomes the first female Mayor of Ottawa (also first female mayor of a major Canadian city). Known as extraordinarily witty, colourful and controversial, her private and special relationship with Margaret Grier was chronicled through letters that have been woven together to tell a gripping and funny portrait of a unique woman. As Charlotte herself said…

“Whatever women do, they must do twice as well as men to be thought half as good. Luckily, this is not difficult”

The play is a memory piece. It starts in present day 1951 when Charlotte becomes Mayor of Ottawa and then travels back and forth in time to various points chronologically from 1918 through to 1947. All actors will play various ages of their characters depending upon the scene. All characters, except for Charlotte and Margaret, will play other minor characters throughout the play.


Charlotte Whitton: Age 55 Strong, straight forward, feisty, patriotic, petite.

Margaret Grier: Age 47 Private, shy, honest, gentle, strong, lonely.

Emily Wicks/various: Early 20’s Queen’s Journalist Student, naïve, honest

Penelope/various: Early 20’s Queen’s University Student, fun, enthusiastic, loves food.

Bill King/various: age flexible 20’s – 50’s Journalist student with Charlotte and then Publisher of his own magazine.

George Rutherford/various: 25 – 35: Mayor’s Whitton’s Secretary, eager, funny

Professor Min Gordon/various: Age 30 – 50: Professor at Queens. Smart, gregarious, encouraging of her students.

Audition Info:
• Auditions are by appointment and will last 10 minutes and must be pre-booked.
• You are asked to present a one-to-two minute monologue (comedic or dramatic), fully memorized and with character work.
• To obtain a copy of the script please contact the Producer. There is a $20 deposit which is returnable upon return of the script in good condition.

Contact Info (email preferred):

Debbie Makarenko at or 905-737-1251

Miscellaneous Info:

• Be sure to arrive with in time to complete an Audition Form prior to your audition time.
• Please bring your calendar with you. You must list all dates that you are not available for rehearsal on your audition form (i.e. no Mondays or vacation travel plans over Christmas).
• If you receive a Callback for October 16th, scenes will be emailed to you by October 15th
• The first read thru will be October 21st.
• Rehearsals will be weeknights (7pm – 10:30pm) and weekends (usually Sunday afternoons). Not all actors will be required for all rehearsals. That will be worked out by the director and the cast.
• Cue to Cue will be January 15th. All actors must be available for ALL rehearsals from January 2nd onwards.

The Curtain Club is a non-profit, non-equity community theater group. If you are cast in this show you MUST become a member of The Curtain Club. Membership fees are $10.00 and are due no later than the first rehearsal.