Rough Justice by Terence Frisby

Open auditions on Sunday January 25th 7 pm and Monday 26th 7 pm at the theatre 400 Newkirk Rd Richmond Hill

Director – Brian Moore 905 884 2638 Home / 647 988 1945 Cell
Producer – Debbie Makarenko 647 407 1251

Production Dates March 26th to April 11th – All cast required at all rehearsals from 15th March.

Rehearsals three evenings and Sunday afternoon or evening.

Cast – 3 female, 5 male
Margaret Casely, QC, prosecuting counsel, 40’s – 50’s, Catholic, well known pro-lifer
PC Ramsden, 30’s, young policeman, witness
High Court Judge 60’s to 70’s
James Highwood, defendant, 40’s- 50’s, television commentator
Dr Simon Kerr, 40’s – 50’s, pathologist
Dr Hannah Radzinski, 50’s – 60’s, world renowned paediatrician
Jeremy Ackroyd, solicitor and adviser to defendant, 40’s
Jean Highwood, wife of James, mid 30’s to 40’s
There is also an opportunity for an non-speaking role, court attendant – policeman/woman

A television commentator who hosts a widely-watched programme called “BRITISH JUSTICE?” is on the stand at the Old Bailey for the murder of his severely handicapped child. He refuses his solicitor’s plea to obtain legal representation, and conducts his own defence, admitting responsibility but pleading manslaughter.

This is an emotional and intense play leaving the audience debating as they leave the theatre. That is my intention.

Scripts are available from the Producer Debbie for a deposit of $20.00, returned when the script is returned to the club in good condition. If you cannot make the above audition dates please call the director for alternate arrangements if possible.

The Curtain Club is a non-profit, non-equity community theatre group. If you are cast in a show you must become a member of The Curtain Club. Membership fees are $10.00 and are due no later than the first rehearsal.