The Last Resort
Book by Norm Foster
Music & Lyrics by Leslie Arden

Audition Dates (by appointment):
June 18th,
June 19th
Callbacks June 20th

The Curtain Club
400 Newkirk Rd, Richmond Hill L4C 3G7

Audition Requirements:
Comedic musical theatre song showcasing range and ability other than from The Last Resort score read from provided sides group movement call

To book an audition time please contact our Producer Phyllis at 905-237-0238 H or 416 889 7010 C or

The Last Resort by Norm Foster

The Curtain Club
Director/Choreographer: Rob Goodale
Music Director Neill Kernohan
Producer Phyllis Anderson
Show Dates: Nov. 17 to Dec. 3 2016
Script Availability: from Producer

Storyline: A murder/mystery/comedy/musical set in the Last Resort Hotel in Northern Saskatchewan. A New York restaurant owner on the run from the mob arrives in the last place on earth he thinks he will be found or will he? Has he been tracked down by one of our characters? Is it one of the identical twin sisters? The odd couple on their second honeymoon? The strange hotel proprietress? The police inspector? The smooth and debonair poet? Or could it be the agent assigned to protect him who plays his wife? Before you can say “whodunit”, complications prevail and of course, music. A witty musical combination from Norm Foster and clever lyrics and music of Leslie Arden.


Nick Galeazzo Male, 30s, Baritone
An Italian restaurant owner on the run from the mob. 100% slick New Yorker, smart dresser, rich, romantic and somewhat paranoid!

Angela Miller Female 30s, Mezzo Soprano
An FBI agent who is a tightly wound Agent Scully type but has something hiding inside, an inner core of pure romantic pussycat perhaps?

Sid Barzini Male, 40 ++ Baritone
A tacky carpet salesman who is full of bad jokes and likes to sleep a lot. A beer loving, fishing trip man’s man if you will.

Liz Barzini Female, 40 ++ Soprano/Mezzo
Sid’s equally tacky wife. She loves to talk and always looking for romance and a good set up for her bad punch lines.

Trent Balfour Males, 30’s Tenor/Baritone
A pompous poet, who seduces women constantly with his randy rhyming couplets and half-witted haikus.

Jessica/Julia Youngstead: Female 20-30’Soprano with belt
A dual role-playing twin sisters-both are beautiful news anchorwomen. Julia: sweet innocent, shy “Snow White” type. Jessica: sultry villainous vamp.

Inspector Closely Male, 40’s Bass
An intense crime solver who is a Columbo/Clouseau combo!

Freda Heitz Male 40++ can be non singing.
Saskatchewan’s answer to Mrs. Doubtfire. A mysterious German chanteuse with a hefty set of… liners, she is sarcastic, she is sexy and she is a man! This character will be played and billed in drag.

The Curtain Club is a non-profit, non-equity community theater group. If you are cast in this show you MUST become a member of The Curtain Club. Membership fees are $10.00 and are due no later than the first rehearsal.