Rough Justice

On Stage Now

The courtroom drama by Terence Frisby

March 26(preview), 27, 28 at 8pm, 29(matinee at 2 pm)
April 1-4 at 8pm
April 7-11 at 8pm


Directed by Brian J. Moore
Produced by Debbie Makarenko

James Highwood is a TV journalist, whose lifework challenges the British system of justice. In a sudden role reversal, he finds that the system is challenging him as he is summoned to court to answer a murder charge. The accused makes the key decision to represent himself, creating a gripping, and intelligent defence. What will be the jury’s ultimate decision?

Starring: Peter Shipston, Samantha Lynch, Tamara Van Bakel, Bodene Corbitt, MacKenzie Footman, Marilyn Willock, Chuck Therrien, Aaron Verway

Box Office 905-773-3434
Single tickets are $20 each
($17 tickets are available for our preview performance the night before each opening night)

Curtain time is 8:00pm each performance night and 2:00pm for the Sunday matinée


Opens May 29

The Heartwarming comedy by Bernard Slade


Directed by Kay Valentine
Produced by Jo Ann Warren

A sometime Broadway press agent and former scriptwriter, who is everyone’s friend, nobody’s hero and a great womanizer has managed to live over fifty years without taking anything seriously including love, marriage and fatherhood. Suddenly, the script is rewritten and the time has come for father and son to reconcile and a tribute comes to life!